Accessibility at Sonos

UX Design Intern | Sonos Partner Integrations and Sound Platform Team | Summer 2019

What do we need to do better to be inclusive and empower all listeners?

During my summer internship at Sonos, I designed strategies and Sonos-wide guidelines to help both the hardware and software teams at Sonos prioritize accessibility in their work moving forward.

Throughout the project, I worked closely with various stakeholders across User Research, User Experience Design, Industrial Design, and Product Management, to identify the current accessibility efforts at Sonos and discover potential opportunities for improvements and intervention.

At the end of my internship at Sonos, I presented my findings and strategies to Product Managers on the Sonos App team to integrate the accessibility initiatives into the roadmap.

Understanding accessible & inclusive design

Conducted research to better understand best practices and existing knowledge gaps in designing for accessibility and inclusion.

Identifying needs and improvements

Interviewed various stakeholders across disciplines to grasp current efforts for accessibility and identify needs and opportunities for improvements.

Connecting it back to Sonos strategy

Created a Sonos-wide toolkit that guides best practices and considerations to prioritize accessibility in the work moving forward. Accessible design at Sonos is an on-going consideration of the listener's needs and abilities as they change over time.