Sonos Voice Control Experience

UX Design Intern | Sonos Partner Integrations and Sound Platform Team | Summer 2019

How might we create a voice prototyping tool that is specific to Sonos voice control experience?

During my summer internship at Sonos, I led a voice UX project to design a new voice usage on Sonos and develop a web app prototyping tool to validate the experience.

I was fortunate to collaborate with incredible stakeholders and partners in completing this project. I also had a phenomenal opportunity to attend the 2019 VOICE Summit with my team, where I was able to gain resources and insights into the future of voice technology.

Mapping out the VUI Flows

Worked closely with user researchers to understand current voice usage on Sonos and identify user needs and opportunities in voice experience. Based on this analysis, ideated a Sonos-specific voice control interaction.

Implementing the internal voice prototyping tool

Developed the software UI and TTS responses to create realistic voice control experience on Sonos device. Collaborated with a dev intern to implement the software control and hardware responses.

User testing to validate the voice control experience

Conducted internal user testings to validate the voice control experience utilizing the prototyping tool. The tool created realistic voice interactions with Sonos devices, which allowed for gathering valuable user feedback and data.